Notification of Blog Closure

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to announce that I am closing this blog as I will be building a new blog in the New Year that will introduce the book that I am writing. In the meantime feel free to follow my general blog at where I do general blog posts about my day and any inspiration that I have received.

Author: chris2041

Seeker of Spiritual Knowledge and general nice person :)

4 thoughts on “Notification of Blog Closure”

  1. I was out wondering recently where you were and why I hadn’t heard anything. Do keep me informed of any new blog . I just looked at the alternative one you cross referenced and so good to hear of your current thinking, although very sorry to hear of the sudden death.
    Go well with all your endeavours.
    Yuletide and Solstice Greetings at this time of the light’s turning.


      1. Sorry, pressed send by mistake before I’d finished. 😁
        Having finished with the ADO 2018 started off in a bad way but we have now come to terms with that. I have been dishonored with cancer, I talk about that in my blog, and Sue mom got killed in a car accident, plus my brother in law has just been diagnosed with lung cancer! But I’m staying positive and meditating everyday to remain centred, plus I’m enjoying my daily yoga practice. The good news is that I’m finally working on my book, and have made contact with a self publishing house, I’m hoping to have it published by the latter part of 2019.
        Anyway, enough about us, how are you doing? Are you still practicing your Druidry?
        Love and hugs, Chris xx


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